Cheese Factory


Cheese Factory[i]

The Cheese Factory at Red Point was in operation, in the early 1900’s.  The factory operated from June 1st to November 2nd each year.  An old financial statement from 1903, told us that business was good that year and the factory had produced 42,664 pounds of cheese, which was sold at 10 cents a pound. 

In order for the factory to run smoothly, much emphasis was put on the milk and milk deliverers or “haulers”.  These haulers picked up milk from the local farmers, each hauler had their own specific route, and were paid by the amount they collected. 

At the time of its construction, the cheese factory was able to dig its well for $7.45 and buy its land for $10.  The building had steam heating, very modern for its time, which cost a mere $41.  Insurance on the building was $8.  The factory eventually closed due to a decrease in demand because a new factory opened in Souris.  Not much information was recorded and the building was later hauled away to a new location. 

There was also a cheese factory in Lakeville at one time, where the Baker’s Sawmill currently stands.  

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