Nellie Roddie

Nellie Roddie [i]

     The intrigue and mystery of Glencorradale wouldn't be complete if it wasn't for one legendary woman who lived there long after the other inhabitants of the Glen moved away. In her parent’s house, surrounded by fields and woods, Nelly Roddie lived alone for many years with a telephone but no electricity. Numerous visitors would visit to have their cards or tea leaves read and eventually Nelly became known as a witch-like figure.

     Born on the very first day of the 20th century to parents Mr. and Mrs. Roderick MacPhee, Nelly spent time working in Boston, Massachusetts before moving back to the Glen when she was 45. The house that Nelly Roddie lived in was built by her grandparents after they arrived from Scotland. Her grandmother became mentally ill and is said to have put a hex on the house before she died--and even that her spirit is still unsettled in the Glen.

     Nellie's father was also believed to have great psychic abilities and was the one who taught her how to read cards and tea leaves at a young age. One night, Nellie's father, Roderick, was at a card game in the Glen when a large fight broke out. Getting scared, Roderick left for home. As he was leaving, he saw a large ball of fire that started to follow him. He ran faster and the ball followed him quicker. The faster he ran, the faster the ball came after him. As he rushed in the house door, he slammed the door shut and the flaming ball disappeared. He believed the ball to be the devil, and also believed the devil to be in the cards. Afterwards, he didn't talk for along time and didn't allow cards in the house. But on the occasions that Nelly's father did read the cards, it seems as if a force came over him.

     In winter, Nelly would wear several coats and hats at the same time. She was afraid to keep a fire going in the stove, so instead she would bundle.

     A lady once came from British Columbia with her kids while her husband stayed behind to work. During her stay on the Island she decided to get a reading done by Nelly. "You know, this is a strange reading," Nelly explained. "You are going to get back [to B.C.] and you're not going to unpack your suitcase. You're going to turn right around and come back. It's a sad trip. You know you're coming back because of death." When the woman got to the airport in Vancouver, there was no sign of her husband who was supposed to meet her. She tried phoning her house and waited a little longer. Finally, a police officer showed up. Her husband had been killed on the highway on his way to the airport. Without unpacking her suitcase, the woman flew back to Prince Edward Island.

     A couple who were on their honeymoon arrived at Nelly Roddie's one day to have a reading. "You two aren't married," she said suddenly. "Yes we are," they replied. "We were just married in Ottawa." "No. You're not married," Nelly said again. "Your marriage has never been consummated."

     Feeling startled, the reading came to a quick end and the couple left. They separated a little while later. The man ended up being homosexual.

      One night, two of Nelly's nieces visited to have a tea leaf reading. That night Nelly was upset. She warned her nieces to be very careful driving home. She had seen a bad car accident in their cups. The two nieces listened patiently, drank their tea and safely made it home. The next morning, on their way to Charlottetown, a tire blew off the car the nieces were driving and they lost control, crashing into the ditch inches from an electrical pole. One of the women was badly hurt and sustained a broken neck.

     On another occasion, two sisters-in-law from the Northside decided to have a reading at Nelly Roddie's. After they entered the house and started chatting, the front door suddenly opened and slammed shut. Seeing that there was no wind that night, the two woman quickly left and never returned.



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