The Ghost of East Lake/ The Headless Pin

The Ghost of East Lake/ The Headless Pin [i]

     Buster MacMillian's grandmother woke up early, before daybreak to say she had had a dream.

            "You're always having dreams," her husband, Dan, told her.

      In this dream there was a man dead on the beach. In the morning, the lady went off to collect Irish Moss on the beach at East Lake. Rushing back to the house soon after, she announced that her dream was right. The household rushed out to find a headless body lying on the beach. Over time, the woman's brother-in-law began picking on the lady because of her dream, calling him the headless pin. One night, as the brother-in-law was lying in bed when the covers flew off. Sitting up, the man found an apparition standing at the foot of his bed.

     "I'm the headless pin," the ghost said to the man. "Do you want to know my real name? It's Albert Tarp," the ghost said to the man.

      The next morning, the household went to the beach again where they found a telescope. There was some leather on it, and on closer inspection a name was found with pin marks punched into the leather. The name was Albert Tarp. A few days later, a musket belonging to the same man was found on the beach.

      The headless body of Albert Tarp was buried in East Lake. Today, a large tree with a bushy top and deformed limbs can be found where he was laid to rest.



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