The Swamp Lady

The Swamp Lady [i]

     Throughout the decades, there have been numerous sightings of a ghostly woman, now known as "The Swamp Lady" on the road where Bayfield and Rock Barra meet. South of this road is a large swamp, largely covered by woods, that covers several square kilometers.

     One of the first encounters with "The Swamp Lady" was by Alec "Little Johnny" MacDonald who lived in Bayfield. One night, while traveling past the swamp in his horse and buggy, MacDonald looked over to find a woman sitting beside him. She sat there silent and he carried on his way. Further up the road, MacDonald looked over again to find the woman was no longer beside him or anywhere to be seen.

     On the same stretch of road, Josephine Miller of Bayfield, would recall a story from her youth about a mysterious trip through "the big swamp". While traveling with several family members, it soon became apparent that the horse and wagon had come to a stand still. Glances were exchanged. It was clear to everyone that no ground was being made. Yet, the horse pulling the wagon was still calmly walking, oblivious to the fact that no matter how much it walked it wasn't gaining any distance. Eventually, the family continued on their way.

     Perhaps the most intriguing story surrounding the legend of The Swamp Lady, is of Donald MacGregor who has lived in Bayfield since marrying his wife Elaine in the late 70's. Having grown up in the East Baltic, MacGregor was unfamiliar with the history and legends of the Northside, unlike how most communities in Eastern Kings are intertwined today.

     One summer night, MacGregor decided to join his wife at a friends house in Rock Barra for a card game on the other side of the Big Swamp. At home without a vehicle, he started walking down the road--a walk that takes about ten minutes. Half way through the big swamp, MacGregor caught sight of a woman standing further up the road. She was wearing a long, white dress and stood silently, watching him as he walked past. Sensing that the mysterious woman meant him no harm, MacGregor continued walking past her. Knowing that he wasn't passing a human, as soon as he had passed the woman he started running as fast as he could and didn't stop until he burst through the front door of his neighbours house where the card game was under way.

            "What's the matter with you? You're as pale as a ghost" MacGregor's wife said to him.

            "I think I've just seen one," he replied.

            "Oh, you've seen the swamp lady," he was told.

            "The what?" MacGregor asked, not knowing he had just laid witness to a legend of The Northside.

            Before his walk to Rock Barra that night, MacGregor swears he had never heard the story of the Swamp Lady. 


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