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The most recent and modern rink in Cornwall is the APM Centre which was built in 2002. In the late 1990’s Hollace Corney had put the North River rink up for sale. At that time several communities were making use of the rink. A public meeting was called in order to discuss the future of the rink. 200 people had crowded into the North River Fire Hall where the meeting had taken place. Local MLA’s and federal MP at the time Wayne Easter were also present at the meeting. They had discussed the option of purchasing the rink from Corney (who was asking $600,000 which included the Zamboni), but knew it would still need renovations and repairs. Another option would be to build a whole new facility. It was therefore decided at the meeting that a representative from each of the twelve communities utilizing the rink would form a committee to look into the situation and make a formal recommendation.1

A few months later, in the spring of 2000 it had been decided that a new facility would be constructed. No location had been chosen at that time, but the town of Cornwall had offered to find a location for the new facility within its boundaries. This consensus seemed to bode well with the other communities. The thirteen communities making use of the former North River rink at this time were still considering the option of investing in a $3 million multi-purpose facility, and initial discussions about funding were taking place between the municipal, federal and provincial governments.2


Photo Courtesy of Donna Butler, APM Centre General Manager

From this point on, the search was on for a location for the new facility as well as funding for the project. Several sites were suggested, until finally deciding on its current location of 37 Lowther Drive. Construction began in October of 2001, with a clear vision of what the new facility would look like. It was to be owned and operated by Communities 13 Inc.3 “Communities 13 Inc. is a not for profit charitable organization incorporated to construct, own and operate the APM Centre multi-use recreational complex.”4 The 13 Communities consists of; Afton, Miltonvale Park, Winsloe South, Warren Grove, Hampshire, North Wiltshire, Kingston, Cornwall, New Haven/Riverdale, Clyde River, Darlington, West River and Meadow Bank.5 The new facility would include; an 85 x 200 foot ice surface, an advanced dehumidification system for year round use, a gymnasium/multi-purpose room, a full kitchen, a removable stage, as well as a walking track above the gymnasium. The total cost of the project was estimated at just under $3.5 million. The distribution of funds was divided between the provincial and federal governments as well as Communities 13 Inc.; Communities 13 Inc. contributed approximately $1 million while the federal government provided $1.5 million and provincial government provided $500,000. Communities 13 Inc., was responsible for fundraising to cover the additional costs.6


Photo Courtesy of Donna Butler, APM Centre General Manager

The new facility was formally named the APM Center during the winter of 2002. Tim Banks and his APM Group had made a donation of $150,000, therefore earning the right to put their name on the facility.7 Construction was completed in April of 2002 and the official grand opening took place on Friday September 6, 2002. The cornerstone was unveiled by Malpeque MP Wayne Easter, PEI Community and Cultural Affairs Minster Elmer MacFadyen and Ron Keefe, the president of Communities 13 Inc.8 Since day one the APM Centre has been well used and has become a focal point of the community. It offers many programs along with its many facilities and spaces. The facility includes an 85 x 200 foot ice surface with seating for 600 people, a gymnasium/community room, a walking track, a fitness/weight room, change rooms, a large board room, a canteen and kitchen and parking for 250 cars. The entire facility is also wheel chair accessible.9

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