Cornwall Rinks

Over the years there have been four different skating rinks in Cornwall. The first was a closed-in rink which was on the site of the old Cheese Factory on the Ferry Road. The second was an open-air rink on the Meadow Bank Road. The third was known as the ‘North River Rink’ and finally, the APM Centre. Just like many other communities around Prince Edward Island, hockey and skating was a major part of growing up, and the rink was a popular place to be. All of the information collected regarding the two older rinks was collected by means of oral history. There are at least some record in the form of newspaper articles and community ‘write-ups’ for the North River rink and even more so for the newer APM Centre.


1. The Indoor Rink Outdoor rink Lance APM
  2. The Open-Air Rink  3. The North River Rink 4. The APM Centre


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