R.W. Dixon's Store


R.W. Dixon’s Store in East Baltic[i]:

       R.W. Dixon’s first store was established in a small building south of its later location; this building was later struck by lightening and burned in 1945, it was vacant at that time. In 1930, the second store was opened by Louis Stewart, and was owned and operated by R.W. Dixon Senior.  After R.W. died, the store was operated by his wife Anna for a few years until their son John returned home from WWII, in 1945.  At this time the store was renovated, and some of the original wood shelving was made into furniture and sold to local residents. When John died, his wife Shirley took over operations for a couple years.  Robert Dixon, John’s brother, acquired the store some time later, it was run by his wife Irene until the store was closed in 1964.  It was then converted into a rental home for years until, finally sold as a summer home years later; it is still in standing today.

      Dixon’s store was a mid sized building, with two big windows on the front.  They sold grocery and hardware items, and in the early years used a bartering system. They later changed their policies and accepted “cash only”.  When John took over in 1946 he expanded the store and began selling a larger variety of items a year later.  They began selling clothes, material, more household items, toys at Christmas, and a gas tank was also installed.  This store was not used as a local hangout compared to other stores in the area, instead the locals gathered at the railway station.  The post office was also put in the store while John was operating it, which made the store an even greater focal point in the community.  As with the other stores, they depended greatly on their fellow community members to keep them going; as they did so for 34 years. 



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