J.J. Hughes Store (East Baltic)


J.J. Hughes Store in East Baltic[i]:

            In 1913 on what was then Knights Land (now East Baltic), Mr. J.J. Hughes decided to open his first general store for the Eastern Kings area.  He was known for opening stores in other areas as the extension of the railway made its way across PEI.  He then hired managers in each location to take care of daily operations.  The following residents operated the East Baltic location: Mr. Edward Mahar, Mr. Joe Bailey, Captain Bushey, Mr. Robert E. MacGregor, Mr. Robert Robertson, Mr. William Carew and Mr. Michael O’Keefe closed the store.

            The building was a two-story structure with stairs on both sides and an elevated deck; a beautiful building for its time.  As with general stores, its main stock was grocery and everyday necessities.  It was in operation until the late 1930s.  It was then purchased by R.W. Dixon and served various purposes over the years: a cook house, storage facility, an apartment and mainly a potatoe warehouse.  In its final years, despite staying in good condition over the years I was left vacant and became run down.  The building was finally torn down in 2008.  


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