Alexander Robertson's Store


Alexander Robertson’s Store in Red Point[i]:


     Alexander Robertson purchased a stand from T.S. Robertson in the year 1884, deciding he would open up what people then called a ‘country store’. The store was located on East Point road past present day, Deagle’s Garage (heading west) in what used to be the first house on the left. His goal was to meet all consumer needs of local farmers, fisherman, carpenters, blacksmiths and also housewives.  He even went as far as to become an agent for Bayne’s Buggies, selling Fawcett stoves and furniture. Some of the household items sold were, white and brown sugar, rolled oats, fine and coarse cornmeal, bran, salt, webs of cotton, muslin, cheesecloth, flannalette, serge, denim buttons, lace, and clothing such as underwear, shoes, housedresses, pots, pans, floor oilcloth, wallpaper and even more. Alexander even offered popular over the counter medicines, such as Burdock Blood Bitters, Pink Pills, Lydia Pinkmans, Minards, Zam Buck Salve, Epsom salts and Sienna Leaves. Of course the bartering system was still an acceptable practice in most general stores back then; in Alexander’s case his back room would often be filled with such things as cow hide, bulks of grain, cases of eggs and fresh churned butter among others.

     As with other general stores in the Eastern Kings area, Alexander’s store was the scene of many local social gatherings and discussions, especially during the summer months when fisherman from Basin Head would walk to the Robertson’s store for needed supplies and the latest news. On the day of January 2nd 1921, Alexander retired to bed in his usual health, but an hour later was stricken with paralysis.In the early morning hours of Tuesday January 4th, he passed on. His then widow Bertha and their two sons Theodore and Alexander Jr. Robertson continued operating the store; and in later years it was Theodore who decided to continuing operation with the help of his sons, until it’s final days of operation in 1952.



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