Eddie Robertson's Store


Eddie Robertson’s Store in Kingsboro[i]:

     Built in 1944 on the corner of East Point road and Heritage road in Kingsboro, Eddie Robertson decided to erect his first general store. He and a crew of others built the store in no time, and began operating soon after.  He carried all the usual items of groceries, kerosene, diesel oil, and molasses. Eddie did not operate a bartering system; he had a “cash only” policy, in this location as with his other locations.

     The store had a rounded counter, where tobacco products were stored; the counter had doors on both sides.  Many local residents remember the “cheese wheel”, which was a wheel of cheese with a wire connected to it, the wire would cut through the cheese.  People could tell how much they wanted by eye, and from there it would be weighed.  In the middle of the Robertson’s store there was an old long wooden stove commonly called a “box stove”, which was where many social gatherings took place. Sharing many stories, fact or fiction, and of course in the late evening hours, ghost stories were often told. In the Late 1970’s Eddie decided he was ready to close up shop. In later years the building was sold and hauled off to North Lake Harbour; where it is still being used as a storage building today. 

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