Teresa Robertson's Store (North Lake)


Teresa Robertson’s Store in North Lake[i]                           

     After many years of fishermen constantly asking Eddie Robertson when he was planning to open up a general store in North Lake; he finally gave in to the idea in 1950. Since Eddie was already running a Kingsboro location, he and his wife Teresa decided that she would operate the North Lake location. During the fishing season of each year Teresa would have the store up and running each day by 1 pm and would not leave most nights until 11pm. It was a small scale operation compared to other general stores, and they used a “cash only” system.

     Regardless of the long hours and not so pleasant late night travels to her home in Kingsboro, Teresa very much enjoyed her 26 seasons spent running the store. The Robertson’s had many successful seasons at the North Lake location; especially because cars were still quite scarce during those times and that meant the fishermen would stay at the harbour during the work week. The Robertson’s retired from the store in 1976.  The store was then bought by the Elliot family who currently run Mossey’s store.  They operated at North Lake for one year in 1992.  They were unsuccessful because not many people spent evenings at the harbour anymore.  The building was later moved behind the store in Bothwell, to be used as storage, and the building is still in excellent condition today. 




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