Personal Accounts and Memories of the Cornwall United Church

Memories of the Cornwall United Church

The Pipe Organ
Alice Wilson, lifetime resident of Cornwall remembers when her grandmother used to play the pipe organ at the church. Someone would have to pump the organ by hand in order for her to play and that job was often bestowed up on Alice’s brother Art.21

The Church Sexton
Audrey MacPhee, who now lives in Clyde River recalls a time when her grandfather, Robert Frizzell held the position as church sexton. She remembers when her grandfather would on occasion allow her to tag along and help him with his chores. She would help gather up kindling and paper and would walk down to the church with him to light the fire. On certain occasions she was fortunate enough to ring the church bell. An interesting fact about Robert Frizzell is that he was also a blacksmith in the community.22

The lights
Many residents remember when the church was powered by a generator that was located the Howard family home. In the early years before rural electrification only a few homes and the Cornwall United church were powered by the Howard family generator. It has been said that when services were taking place at the church, the lights in the other homes would be much dimmer. Lawson Drake a resident of Meadow Bank, and member of the United Church recalls when church services would be held in the evening. At times as a young boy when he did not want to attend church he would be allowed to visit with Frank Howard at the plant, and they would sit in the dark, so as not to take any light away from the church service.23

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