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Many of the furnishings and stained glass windows have been donated in memory of deceased members of the church. If ever in Cornwall it is well worth taking a look inside this beautiful old church.

Stained Glass

Three Different Stained Glass Memorials in the Cornwall United Church

  • Electric lights were installed in the church in 1920. This service was provided by a small electrical plant that was installed in the Home of Frank Howard who lived only meters away from the church
  • Frank Howard offered to install the lighting system and provide light for 1 year for a cost of $45
  • Rural electrification came to Cornwall in 1948 and the previous wiring and fixtures were replaced.
  • There is a memorial stained glass window dedicated to Mary Ellen Crosby who passed away on Aug. 2, 1901
  • The Kellow family was very generous with many donations including pulpit chairs, communion table, oak furniture, hymn boards and a substantial bequest
  • A Kellow memorial Stained glass window is located at the back of the church. It was the result of Ms. Sarah Jane Kellow’s generosity in memory of her family. The large window depicts four scenes from the life of Christ
  • There is a stained glass window dedicated to Mrs. Hazen Howard who was also very involved with the church community20.

Kellow Memorial    Kellow Memorial 2

Kellow Family Stained Glass Memorial Window, Located at the Back of The Church

Sarah Jane Kellow      Marjorie Elizabeth Kellow
Left: Photo of Sarah Jane Kellow - Courtesy of Cornwall United Church - Right: Marjorie Elizabeth Howard Memorial Window

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