Cornwall United Church Cemetery

The Cemetery

As mentioned earlier, land had been purchased in 1842 for a Preaching House and burial grounds. Some of the earlier records date back to 1852. However, it is believed that burials took place prior to that time but were not recorded. This makes the date of the first use of the cemetery difficult to determine; it is not known when the cemetery was first used. Records do indicate that prior to the use of the United Church (former Methodist Church) cemetery several others were used for residents of the area. These cemeteries include Elm Avenue burial grounds, Hyde burial grounds or Crosby burial grounds; the latter two being located in Meadow Bank. The Hyde and Crosby burial grounds were used when travel to the Elm Ave. grounds proved to be too difficult during the winter months17.

Mr. John Corbin was the first sexton of the church. In September of 1874, it was resolved that Mr. Corbin be paid $1 for every grave dug. He was the person who cared for the grounds and was responsible for any inquiries regarding grave plots. A certain Mr. James MacGregor was responsible for digging the actual grave, and most times he did not receive received any payment for his labours18.

Upkeep continued over the years to keep the grounds in good repair. Since its inception the burial grounds have been twice expanded; once in October 1953 and again in August 1968. It is interesting to note that the cost of a plot in the cemetery in 1954 was $4 and in 1974 the cost rose to $2519.

United Church Cemetery

Cornwall United Church and Cemetery - Photo Taken Summer 2011 by Sara Richard

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