Cornwall United Church – Horse Shed

The Horse Shed

Cornwall United Church & Shed

Cornwall United Church, Horse Shed is Visible on the Bottom Right Hand Side of the Photo - Courtesy of Elaine Jewell (Date c. 1918)

Because of the harsh winters faced by the residents of Cornwall and the members of the Cornwall church, it became evident that a shelter was needed for the horses. It was in 1909 that the decision was made to build a horse shed close to the church to house the horses while their owners attended worship. A shed was built to accommodate 26 horses. This horse shed was used up until the 1940’s when it became too much to maintain and repair16. Many older residents remember using the horse shed. While it was intended to be used for residents to accommodate their horses while at church, many used the shed for going to other nearby places like the Cornwall rink and the community hall.

Cornwall United Church & Shed from afar

Cornwall United Church With Horse Shed Visible on the Far Side of the Church - Photo Courtesy of Lawson Drake

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