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Lea Stewart; Newspaper Article


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titleLea Stewart; Newspaper ArticleFind Similar by title
contributorThe Guardian: Mary MacKay, March 26th, 2005.Find Similar by contributor
subjectMilitary; Personal ArtifactsFind Similar by subject
descriptionFront cover photo from The Guardian newspaper article, "The Big Bang," published March 26th, 2005. Lea Stewart was interviewed about his experience during atomic testing in the Nevada desert in 1955.Find Similar by description
relationVeterans Memorial Museum CollectionFind Similar by relation
languageEnglishFind Similar by language
rightsINP General Standards of ConsentFind Similar by rights
typeStillImageFind Similar by type
coverageNorth America--Canada--Lot 19--Prince--KensingtonFind Similar by coverage
coverage46.435398, -63.640419Find Similar by coverage

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