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  1. Overheard on the steps of the Murphy Centre at #access2009pei "Do you think the rain will hurt the rhubarb?"
  2. If you want to "sign-up", and not surprise everyone, for an access2009pei ThunderTalk Reply to this and I'll add it here.
  3. Hey @access2009pei lego cam (Access2009pei live >
  4. being presented by DM and PP.
  5. What's the irc channel for #access2009pei
  6. Broadcasting live now! #access2009pei
  7. Hackfest subjects selected, projects selected and lunchtime camaraderie successful. Fire drills notwithstanding! Great intro by Cory D...
  8. Check out this ustream Show: #Access2009pei
  9. RT @scilib:some are going to trivia at some pub I think #access2009pei Probably Churchill Arms.
  10. Anyone interested in a meet up for dinner / beer Tuesday pm downtowm Charlottetown? #access2009pei
  11. Who's speaking at #access2009pei? try the feed here
  12. hmmm... @jambina @djfiander How to avoid revolution.
  13. The wireless connections are getting setup.. 'cause a good connection is important!
  14. Direct link to Program -
  15. coming to #Access2009pei early? check out Jazz and Blues Fest
  16. Check out the #Access2009pei Yahoo upcoming Event and the Flickr components.
  17. Attending #Access2009? Don't forget to get your accommodations finalized! Finding a room might be tricky!
  18. Access is a BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag) Conference: Please bring your own conference bag.
  19. Session: IslandLives; A Flexible Digital Repository Framework - Donald Moses & Paul Pound
  20. @dchud Thanks - Options are just a phone call/email away... Hmm better make that clear.
  21. Session: ILS in the Sky - Equinox/OCLC/OLE
  22. Access09 is getting closer. What will you do on PEI?
  23. Idea's for hackfest ! Login and submit privately at Spin it, Twist it or Fork it... as you will.
  24. - Access on the beach!
  25. Forum post #access2009pei... Share ride from Halifax / Moncton.
  26. #access2009pei offers a student registration... for students!
  27. RT @fgjohnson
  28. @access2009 We apologize for the social fabric! :-) ... the hash tag for Access2009 in PEI will be changed immediately to #access2009pei
  29. "Come Early or Stay Late on Prince Edward Island" program provides Special Offers for Access2009 delegates.
  30. Getting the word out about the access2009 website and twitter feed is a catch22
  31. access2009 website is live and Registration is open.
  32. The 2009 Access library technology conference is in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.